Our Programs


Weekly Meals

Children in Mbita Point often go days without anything to eat, and thus suffer from malnutrition and disease at the worst, and struggle with paying attention and not falling asleep in school or church at the very least. VWF's first goal is to feed 150 of these children two, hot, nutritious meals per week. A local church is providing the kitchen and the manpower. Your funds provide the meals consisting of a starch like maize, proteins like mung beans or fish, and vegetables. These products are purchased locally, and therefore invested in the local economy.


Sustainable Food

VWF desires to have a sustainable feeding program that will provide a living for people in the community and supplemental food for the meal program. Therefore, the next step in the program is to build greenhouses that will protect the crops from the local wildlife and will be irrigated by Lake Victoria. Residents of the community who choose to work in the greenhouse will be able to sell the produce at market.


Coming Soon!

Our desire is to help as many children as possible through nutritious feeding programs, medical care, and scholarships. As we grow, we will keep you posted regarding our plans for the future.